Sunday, December 30, 2012

Concrete Manatees

Another poem based on photos from my Florida trip.

Concrete Manatees

I can't stop wondering how this came to be.
Why would a person wake up one day 
and decide, "My mailbox should be held up by... 
a concrete manatee!"

And what's more, is that, 
they didn't stop there
with that random oddity.
They decided on not one, but THREE!
Two little ones and one BIG 
concrete manatee.

Is the mail that arrives 
better somehow
when it is cradled in the flippers 
of a beady-blue-eyed, 
cement sea cow?

And then, just a short way down the street
another mailbox caught my eye
there on bent- pipe stilt legs
a pink flamingo was standing by!

There must be something 
in the air by the sea
to cause these bouts of whimsy.
These poor folks just lose their heads
in random flights of fantasy!

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Bird by the Water

A Bird by the Water

Imagine being a bird
that lives by the water

with nothing to ruffle your feathers
but an occasional sea breeze.

You spend your day
playing tag with the tide,

and your biggest worry
is finding the perfect dock post in the evening--

a place to roost and watch the sun go down.