Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Little Girl Life

My Little Girl Life

My little girl life happened way back when,
when I was eight or nine, or maybe ten.

I can remember...

Dipping cinnamon graham crackers into milk after school.
Riding bikes with my brother and sister - bragging, 
"Look no hands!" (Weren't we cool?)

Being in awe of the stars, sequins in the velvet-sky night.
Waking up in the morning to birds singing, welcoming first light.

Sleeping on sheets: clothesline-dried, smelling of sun and air.
Drifting into dreams: tired, happy, no troubles to bear.

Listening to Dad's stories, told with a grin.
He'd get tickled at his own tales before he'd even begin.

Picking ripe, red strawberries straight from the patch.
Eating Mom's cookies - warm from the oven, love in each batch.

Husking corn, snapping beans, and shelling peas.
Running barefoot in the yard, steering clear of bees.

Making homemade churned ice cream, waiting for it to freeze.
A kiss from Mom, the miracle that healed our skinned knees.

Making gum wrapper bracelets and blowing dandelion wishes.
Sharing chores: setting the table, feeding the dog, and washing dishes.

Playing with the neighbors, games like hide-and-go-seek.
"Maple tree is home. Close your eyes. Count to 25, and don't peek!"

Lining up, hand to hand, calling, "Red rover, red rover."
Making nosegay bouquets from Queen Anne's Lace and clover.

My little girl life happened way back when,
when I was eight or nine, or maybe ten.

Imagine what it would be like to live that life again.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Sort It Out

Sort It Out

Why do we let our possessions
take over and become our obsessions?

Things we acquire,
that we think are a must,
end up on a shelf
collecting dust.

All sorts of gizmos and gadgets,
we save up our money to buy.
Later, we realize we don't need them,
although they once caught our eye.

Closets and attic are overflowing.
Good grief, what a mess!
All this clutter. Too much stuff!
The chaos causes stress.

Getting it all sorted and tidy
is on my bucket list.
I must figure out what I really need,
and get rid of what will never be missed.

It's time to prioritize what we've got.
Decide which things still bring joy,
and dispose of those which do not.

Who knew letting go
could be such a chore.
Repeat after me,
"Less is more. Less is more."

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summertime Tune

Summertime Tune

Singing a summertime tune.
Loving the month of June.
Having some summertime fun.

With popsicles dripping,
flip-flops flipping,
vacation tripping,
and sunset seeking when day is done.

With playground slide slipping,
backyard pool dipping,
croquet mallet gripping,
and getting soaked with a water gun.

With a summer read (bodice-ripping),
lawn mower grass clipping,
lemonade sipping,
and a hot dog on a bun.

With jump rope skipping,
flower bouquet snipping,
puppies nipping,
and watching the horses run.

With golf ball chipping,
canoe tipping, 
and clotheslined laundry whipping
out in the midday sun.

Singing a summertime tune.
Loving the month of June.
Having some summertime fun.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

I wonder why it is that:

Roger has to sneeze;
Grandpa starts to wheeze;
Mary closes her eyes;
The baby screams and cries;
Jillian makes a face
at Francine (who stole her space!);
Mom's upset 
because her hair is mussed;
while Aunt Sally 
has primped and fussed;
and Randy and Ryan squabble
over who sits in the chair with a wobble...

Just as the photographer says,

"Now everyone look at me, please."
"Smile pretty and say, 'Cheese!'"
"One, two, three..."


And then there we are, in all our glory,
one small piece of our family's story.
Preserved so future generations can see
just how many nuts are in the family tree.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Lilacs and Love

Lilacs and Love

"Nothing says spring like a lilac breeze,"
Mom closed her eyes, smiled, and sighed.
The scent would come drifting in,

with curtains billowing and windows wide.

My mother gathered them by the armful,
bunches of lilac blooms with a fragrance that was heaven sent.
She took them to my grandma every Mother's Day,
sharing her love, showing her gratitude,
knowing how much it meant.

She loved lilacs too, my mother did,
and she was glad we had plenty to spare.
It doubled her joy for them, I think,
knowing she was able to share.

Grandma would bury her nose in the lilacs,
and breathe in the heady scent too.
She arranged them carefully in a milk glass vase,
and there was one thing I always knew.

Grandma loved me, and my mom did too,
so fierce and wide and deep.
Remembering those lilacs they shared
is a memory I'll always keep.

Forever the sight of a lilac bush,
or the hint of its fragrance in the air,
will remind me of those two ladies before me,
who had lilacs and love to spare.

*   *   *    *   *

This poem is from the book, Old Broads Waxing Poetic, copyright © 2014 Julie Kemp Pick and Susan Flett Swiderski.

This poem is a repost. There are several new readers here who haven't seen this, so I am posting it, with apologies to those readers who have followed my blog for a while and remember it. I hope you don't mind a rerun.

Above is a photo from about 35 years ago of my mom on the left, my grandmother in the middle, and me on the right.     

  Happy Mother's Day to all!  

Thursday, April 26, 2018



Finish the grid to exercise your brain.
It's a fun diversion 
when you're cooped up by rain.
Write each number in every line,
by row and column, every number, 
from one to nine.
Fill every block, each three by three.
No repeats  - check and see.
Each grid, like each line, 
must contain all nine.
No math is needed, but...
rules of logic must be heeded. 
Have some fun, 
spend a little time.
Then, to be like me, 
turn the subject 
into a rhyme.

 Learn about Sudoku.

Thursday, April 19, 2018



Some secrets are good and well-intentioned,
like a birthday party--SURPRISE!
Others are more on the shady side,
like when somebody has something to hide.

Some secrets are heavily guarded.
Trouble strikes if they're revealed.
You've been'll regret it,
if those secrets aren't kept sealed.

For example: the government 
likes to keep its secrets under lock and key.
And watch out if you let spill
a woman's age, or weight, or family recipe!

Other secrets are gleefully spread,
especially about those who are famous or rich.
Splashed on the internet in celebrity gossip columns:
rumors or truth? It's hard to guess which.

I know a secret.
Do you want me to tell it to you?
Can you keep it quiet?
Can you? Can you?
You can?
Well, guess what...I can too!