Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just Call Me "Miss September"

So this is something new. I'm a calendar girl now.  Yes, that's right. I'm Miss September 2014 (sort of). Believe me, I'm as surprised as you are!  Do you remember that song, "Calendar Girl" by Neil Sedaka? That song has been going through my head. Let me set your mind at ease.  There's no need to worry. I haven't turned into a pinup girl in the true sense of the word, and you aren't going to find a picture of me wearing a bathing suit hanging on the wall in some mechanic's garage. Everyone should be very thankful for that.

What you will find is a head shot of me above a poem I wrote accompanied by a lovely photo of a grasshopper sitting on a coleus plant.  My poem titled "Sir Hopper of Coleus" is featured for the month of September in the 2014 Digging to the Roots calendar created by the charitable organization called Writers Rising Up. If you are interested, here's a little bit about this organization from their website:

"We encourage a deeper understanding and participation in environmental stewardship. Through the literary arts at community events, contests, workshops, literary performances, interpretive installations and publications, our focus is on nature education and writing. We promote writers who associate their work to cultural, spiritual and social connections to place, the land, natural habitat, including flora, fauna and wetlands."

The calendar is a lovely collection of nature photos accompanied by poems inspired by the photos. If anyone is interested in seeing the photos and reading the poems and/or having a copy of the calendar for his or her very own, it is available to be downloaded and printed for free at this link:  2014 Digging to the Roots calendar.  Even if you don't want or need a calendar printed up, you might enjoy taking a look at these beautiful photos and reading the accompanying poems. I am very excited to have my poem in this calendar published by this worthy organization.