Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Just Deer Being Deer

Just Deer Being Deer

Their homes, their fields, and their forests
were dug up and taken over.
Now housing developments and condos sit
where once maple trees shaded clover.

They are forced to share our shrinking land.
Caught between living spaces--
farmers' fields and a few metroparks,
and overwhelmingly "civilized" places.

So they roam in our yards
and graze our garden plots,
because there is no room left for them
in their dwindling wildlife spots.

Their natural enemies are mostly gone.
They have learned to lose their fear
of the people whose yards in which they wander.
No one to blame. Just deer being deer.

Some people don't want to see the deer.
All they know is the damage they've done.
They grumble under their breath
about getting guns and making venison.

I like the deer, though, such graceful creatures,
with big, soulful, brown eyes.
They have long legs, and expressive faces,
and wear a camouflage disguise.

There must be some solution
where wildlife and man both win.
Maybe someday we can fix this mess
we've put them (and ourselves) in.