Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Never Alone

Never Alone

The little girl gets lost in her books,
giving no thought to the way she looks.
She perches sideways or upside down in her chair,
her arms akimbo, her legs in the air.

Snug in her quiet, cozy spot,
she submerges herself in the twisting plot.
Her friends are the characters on the page. 
She watches them live and dream and grow and age.

She sees them struggle and make mistakes.
Other times, they get all the breaks.
Their lives fill hers and become her own.
They are always around. She is never alone.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016



I'm overwhelmed
by my list of things to do.
Instead of doing more,
I need to escape,
relax, unwind, renew.

I need to find respite
in nature's soothing balm.
I need to stroll in the garden
and check on the mums.
Let the cool breeze make me calm.

I need to listen to seed pods rattle
and leaves rustle in the air.
I need to hear squirrels chatter
and blue jays shriek
as they issue each other a dare.

I need to feel the sun
warm on my skin.
I need fresh air to breathe,
 releasing the stress, 
stopping the spin.

I need to center my thoughts 
on the yellow begonias
and the flitting honey bees.
I need to sit and spend some time
in the shade of the maple trees.

I need to watch the clouds
drift by in the sky.
I need to clear my mind
and set free my spirit
before I give life's chores another try.