Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dragon Fangs

Dragon Fangs

The albino dragon of winter
swallows the house.
Its glass fangs
hang over the gutters
and windows
glinting in the light,
sharp points dripping
with melted snow saliva,
the jaws of a trap
ready to crash down
on any unsuspecting victim
who chooses to leave
the safety of the house.

The only warning is 
a single drop
of icy venom
that trickles down 
the back of your neck
as you go out the door
making you shiver
head to toe
and side to side.

Quickening your step,
 you feel the frosty breath
of the monster behind you,
and you rush away from the door
and glance over your shoulder,
not wanting to see it,
and yet, 
not being able to look away.

This poem and these photos are especially for my friend Mildred 
who looks forward to seeing the icicles on my house every winter.  :-)