Friday, September 27, 2013

Encore! Encore!

 Encore! Encore!

At first, it seemed like any park--
just like all the others--
with grass and tall trees,

a slide and swings.

A place where little boys might fall
and skin their knees
and be comforted by their mothers.

But then you see the stone wall,
and it makes you think of castles.

And you walk all around
in search of kings and queens and jesters 
wearing jaunty hats with tassels.

But you find no moat,
and no fire-breathing dragons. 
You find no drawbridge
and no horses pulling wagons.

On the other side is a theater
with both seats and stage made of stone.

You long to hear a concert or see a play,
but you realize you're the only one there.
You're by yourself. You're all alone.

So you take center stage 

and recite a scene,
adding a gesture and a dramatic pause--
Your performance is perfect!

Who needs an audience?
The show must go on-- 
with or without applause.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Corn Muffins

Corn Muffins
Golden grape tomatoes 
sliced upon a board
(jewels plucked from the vine).
Added to a Jiffy mix, 
sweet and tender and oh so fine!
Brings back memories of cooking with my Mom
while sitting on a kitchen stool real high.
I miss her ham and soup beans
served with hot, buttered corn bread.
Eaten with a smile and a satisfied sigh.

Max, my constant companion, watches me when I am in the kitchen. 
He is at the ready in case anything falls to the floor!

*I used golden grape tomatoes instead of red cherry tomatoes.  
I also left out the jalapeno pepper.