Monday, January 20, 2020

The Exquisite Scene

The Exquisite Scene

It happened while we were sleeping,
slipping in during the dark of night.
Snow transformed the world outside--made it pristine.
Changed the landscape to black and white.

Now it's quiet and cold and clean
as far as one can see.
Layers of snowflakes muffle each lawn
and drape the branches of each tree.

Armed with shovels, brooms, and plows,
the first ones out to enjoy it
can't help but witness the grandeur, 
just before they set out to destroy it.

Clearing paths for others to walk.
Plowing roads to make room to drive.
Their clank and clang and clatter and scrape 
announce that winter has decided to arrive.

Soon the white will turn to gray,
the sparkle will turn to slush,
and the noise of the street will return
to drown out the peaceful hush.

Take in the glory while you can.
Commit to memory the exquisite scene.
Because as quick as snapping two fingers,
we will be back to the mundane routine.