Monday, January 20, 2020

The Exquisite Scene

The Exquisite Scene

It happened while we were sleeping,
slipping in during the dark of night.
Snow transformed the world outside--made it pristine.
Changed the landscape to black and white.

Now it's quiet and cold and clean
as far as one can see.
Layers of snowflakes muffle each lawn
and drape the branches of each tree.

Armed with shovels, brooms, and plows,
the first ones out to enjoy it
can't help but witness the grandeur, 
just before they set out to destroy it.

Clearing paths for others to walk.
Plowing roads to make room to drive.
Their clank and clang and clatter and scrape 
announce that winter has decided to arrive.

Soon the white will turn to gray,
the sparkle will turn to slush,
and the noise of the street will return
to drown out the peaceful hush.

Take in the glory while you can.
Commit to memory the exquisite scene.
Because as quick as snapping two fingers,
we will be back to the mundane routine.


  1. So true about the slush! When we have a snow, the first trip outside with trucks and tractors makes the driveway look ugly! But out in the fields and woods all is "quiet and cold and clean". Beautiful poem!

  2. I miss the snow... the photos didn't come up (unless they are intentionally white).

    1. I came back and the photos are up and nice. Thanks for reminding me how much I love the magic of snow.

  3. Very well said! For some reason I cannot see the pictures.

  4. So beautiful! I miss snow do much, there was no snow this Winter in here and I was hoping for my son to experience some fun in the snow. Maybe next season! Have a lovely day☺☺

  5. always loved that first hush, even as a kid. I don't miss the ugly gray slush part. Not much snow in our TX area.
    (wish I could see your pics..they didn't load on my screen)

    1. now I can see them. Very pretty and serene

  6. Beautiful winter :)

  7. Thank you to those who let me know my pictures didn't come through. I'm not sure why that happened, but I redid them, and I think they can be seen now. Thanks, all, for your comments.

  8. Cool. For a change, I got here just in time... the pics are showing up beautifully now. :)

    There is definitely something magical about the hush and pristine beauty of undisturbed snow. (Then reality sets in. HA) We don't get much in the way of snow here, but I don't miss having to shovel it. Not even a little bit.

    Lovely poem.

  9. well...the scene(s) with your poem are exquisite! love this so much and wonderful to read you. I still love to pick up Rainbow Chaser here and there and read your lovely poems.

  10. What an awesome snow! I love your poem. It's very descriptive and has super sounds!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Beautiful words and beautiful snow! Stay warm and cozy!

  12. Connie, I sent a word test for a comment, because I earlier tried to comment and it would not work. You can dismiss it. What pretty snow you have! Love your wonderful words! Stay warm!

  13. This is a perfect description of how quiet and glistening the new fallen snow is. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.

  14. Hi Connie! Don't faint...but yes, it is I, Becky Povich! LOL
    I loved your poem and of course the gorgeous photos. I, too, am a snow lover! I'm REALLY trying to get back into blogging in a big way, like back in 2009-2013. I'm not doing very well yet, though. It's so nice to visit you again!

  15. This is such a picturesque winter scene that makes me wish I could have a snowball fight with my friends after school. Of course I probably would’ve ended up getting hurt and ran home crying. Another beautiful poem filled with vivid imagery, Connie.


  16. What you have out down so well in verse, Connie, is absolutely the way I feel while watching new falling snow and then afterwards. We have such great views from out apt windows and I marvel every time, until reality sets in when I go out on the city streets and see the slush it has become within a few hours.

  17. This is such a beautiful scene. I would love to live there.

  18. oh i am glad you liked snow in your area dear Connie
    your poem is splendidly done a vague painting that made me feel almost there with you :)

    back in my native town it snowed only once and white washed scenes views still stir in my memories ,such a magical occurrence indeed
    image is fabulous too
    i wish to hear from you more often as your poetry is always really engaging !

  19. Connie, this wonderful poem is like a song with a variety of tempos. I love it.

  20. This one's as beautiful as all the rest.
    I kinda hope you've been back to the mundane routine, though, Connie. As beautiful as it is, well, when you're in it for days and weeks on end - not so much.

  21. What beautiful snow photos. You had a very lovely snow.


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