Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Swimming Evolution

Swimming Evolution

As a child I swam 
with my brother and sister 
at the city pool.
It was our
summer vacation way
to keep cool.
At one o'clock
the gate would open.
The kids would file in.
Towels were spread out
on a patch of grass,
and the fun would begin.

We splashed, 
we swam, we played tag,
and we raced for plastic rings.
We dove 
for marbles, pennies,
and other shiny things.

At the top of the hour
the lifeguards 
would all blow their whistles loud.
We scrambled out of the water 
and to the snack bar,
trying to beat the crowd.

During the break, we dined like kings
on frozen candy bars
and potato chips.
We never once worried
that what crossed our lips
would pad our hips.

Now, when I swim,
it's in the pool
in my own back yard. 
I can swim any time I want.
I don't need a lifeguard
or a membership card.

But I dog paddle like an old lady--
partly floating on a pool noodle
to keep my head high,
because I want to leave my glasses on
so I can see,
and I want to keep my hair dry.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Callie's Sunny Day

This is a children's story poem that I wrote based on memories I have of kittens we had as pets when I was a little girl. It was also inspired by the beautiful, sunny weather we have been enjoying the past few days. Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone!

Callie's Sunny Day

Nosing through the grass
with kitten whiskers tinged in dew,
Callie the calico stepped lightly
where the dandelions grew.

The fluffy, white seeds tickled her nose
causing her to blink and sneeze.
The seeds floated away in the air
drifting on a warm, summer's breeze.

Callie saw Missus in the garden
picking lima pods into her basket of beans.
Callie purred and climbed into the basket.
Missus carried her along to pick some salad greens.

A beetle crawling through the dirt
caught Callie's curious eye.
She wiggled her backside ready to pounce,
until she saw a butterfly!

Callie jumped out of the basket
in excited pursuit of the butterfly.
It fluttered higher just out of her reach
and away and above into the summer sky.

The sun was warm on Callie's fur.
She settled beneath the pea vines for a nap.
There she purred and slept peacefully...
until her brother George, a ginger cat, tumbled into her lap.

She chased George a short way up a tree trunk
and then she bounded away.
She had too little time and too much to do
to be bothered with George on this sunny, summer's day.

A bird chirped at Callie
scolding her from high up in a tree.
Mighty Callie switched her tail and chattered,
"I see you bird. You better watch out for ME!"

Callie spent the day as kittens do:
chasing leaves and dodging little people feet.
She listened to the buzz of a bumblebee
and snuggled up to Mama Cat, warm and sweet.

She daintily stepped around a puddle.
She hid behind the tall grass--ready to stalk
a wee green and brown grasshopper
who was out for his daily walk.

The grasshopper got away,
but Callie didn't seem to mind.
For a calico kitten on a sunny, summer's day,
there is always another adventure to find.