Thursday, May 25, 2017

Garden Dancing

Garden Dancing

The Lords of Clematis gather
hoping to share a dance,

with the Rhododendron Ladies,
(if they are given a chance).

King Iris stands tall and steady
in his royal robes of purple and white.

Queen Peony is puffed and ready
to dance away the night.

Cat's Ears Minions mingle, 
crowding just beyond the gate.

They're hoping to catch a glimpse
of the royal heads of state.

The Lords bow to the Ladies.
The Ladies allow themselves to be led.
King Iris, so majestic,
 barely nods his head.

Queen Peony, so festive,
dances any way she pleases.
The minions join in at last, 
swaying to the rhythms 
of the breezes.