Thursday, May 25, 2017

Garden Dancing

Garden Dancing

The Lords of Clematis gather
hoping to share a dance,

with the Rhododendron Ladies,
(if they are given a chance).

King Iris stands tall and steady
in his royal robes of purple and white.

Queen Peony is puffed and ready
to dance away the night.

Cat's Ears Minions mingle, 
crowding just beyond the gate.

They're hoping to catch a glimpse
of the royal heads of state.

The Lords bow to the Ladies.
The Ladies allow themselves to be led.
King Iris, so majestic,
 barely nods his head.

Queen Peony, so festive,
dances any way she pleases.
The minions join in at last, 
swaying to the rhythms 
of the breezes.


  1. Anonymous5/25/2017

    Hi Connie, Such a delightful poem and the photos of your garden flowers are gorgeous. I wish you a very nice Memorial Day weekend. xo

  2. This poem is delightful, and so are your flowers! Thanks for your kind comments on my posts.

  3. Oh I love this, Connie! It fits right in with my imaginations that things in nature can converse within their own surroundings. These are beautiful flowers, by the way; are they in your beds? Thanks for your comment about my two aprons.

  4. Awesome. I hated for it to end. How about one more couplet?

  5. AH---LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, Connie.... Our Gardens DANCE also... We have Regal Roses, Princess Day Lilies, and Lady Lilies... We also have Lords of Clematis, King Irises --but our Rhododendron Ladies are gone for the season...... OH how I love a Dancing Garden!!!!!


  6. Oh Wow, I love this one to no end. I have some of these now and you paint the pictures even more beautiful with your words. Happy Memorial Day.

  7. I think this is one of your best poems - so light and airy and springy delightful. The pictures are an added bonus. Enjoy your Memorial Weekend

  8. Connie - this is just brilliant.
    Loved your photo's.
    Loved your words.

    All the best Jan

  9. well i LOVED this one~~ felt so magical reading it.

  10. Awe Connie, I loved this poem, it is perfect for the spring/summer and I really adore all the flower pictures... such gorgeous rich colors... I hope our flowers come up soon, it seems like it is finally warming up xox

    I am feeling a bit better day by day... I am just taking it slowly... I am really grateful to be feeling well enough to get back to blogging and catching up with everyone... Have a great week xox

  11. Such a fun and festive gathering. Connie, I've said this before - keep going. Publish a book or three of children's poetry. Your heart and playful spirit jump off my screen.

    Have a wonderful week.

  12. You drew lovely garden images in my mind, thank you :)
    I am a Connie too and I always say that I have never met a Connie that I didn't like. Your blog is refreshing, I am looking forward to following and reading more of your work.
    Have a delightful day. Now, go dance with the flowers.
    Connie :)

    1. Welcome to my blog! Thank you for visiting here. I hope you will return. :)

  13. If those pictures were taken in your yard, you have a gorgeous garden. (No need to ask you how YOUR garden grows...)

    Love your poem. I agree with Robyn.

  14. I love this beautiful poem and it goes great with your splendid photos. I enjoyed this posting very much.

  15. I love flowers and you captured each one beautifully. The pictures too are great. Happy Friday Connie.

  16. Your poem is a delight. I won a contest once with a similar poem about flowers. I love words! And you seem to do this effortlessly, Connie.

  17. I love this! Love it. It's a perfect match to your pictures and what goes on in my garden, too!

  18. Oh your poem made me smile! I love it! your blossoms are lovely!

  19. wonderful poetry and incredible photography

  20. It was great to see the words fit the flowers or was it the other way around? Your garden has provided some lovely inspiration, Connie.

  21. I like the analogy to a dance and great pics. Summer flowers - beautiful.

  22. Wow! Your photos of the flowers are just beautiful. I love this posting!

  23. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Yes, I took all of these photos of flowers growing in my yard. I had fun writing this one. I'm glad so many of you like it.

  24. This is a beautiful poem to fit these lovely flowers. Hugs, LJ


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