Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Compulsive Cook

I made lasagna for my sons when they were home over the holidays which inspired me to write this silly children's poem below.  Don't try to read it too fast, or it will turn into a tongue twister for you.

The Compulsive Cook

Every kind of food she made
was piled in layers, one by one.
Each main dish, sandwich, side, and dessert
showed its stripes when it was done.

Homemade lasagna was layered:
meat, sauce, noodles, and cheese.
Her seven-layer salad held
lettuce, cheese, onions, celery,
bacon, mayo, and peas!

Cakes were layered, pancakes stacked,
tortes were tall chocolate towers.
Trifles, jello, cookies, and dips!
Sometimes she layered for hours!

No one knew what caused it--
this urge to stratify things nutritious,
but no one ever, ever complained,
because all the food she made 
tasted SOOO delicious!