Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Passing Storm

A Passing Storm

Clouds: big, dark, and heavy lumbered across the sky---
a herd of grey elephants, weary from a long trek, 
trumpeting thunder.
Two angry bulls stirred up a skirmish while charging.
Their white tusks clashed and cracked---
lightning flashes broke the sky.
The elephants swirled around each other, 
with ears flapping and trunks and tails swinging in the wind.
Chaos ruled the herd as the elephants scattered in the confusion.
Some stumbled into the river, splashing and thrashing,
sending soaking rains down to the earth below.
The herd stampeded away spraying water everywhere
until at last the rain stopped, and there was nothing left... 
but the rumble of their feet in the distance.

*   *   *   *   *

Can you see the herd of elephants in the bottom part of the clouds in the picture above?

This poem was inspired by a post on Linda's blog. Thanks, Linda!