Thursday, February 23, 2017

Point of View

Point of View

With whiskers quivering, the tiny, grey mouse
searches for seeds under the sticky milk pod.
Soon there will be no tall, green weeds.
No clover, no Queen Anne's Lace, no goldenrod.

Although the mouse is blissfully unaware,
a "SOLD" sign has been put up on the lot.
It is the last empty lot in the housing development.
Sales in the area have been running hot.

Soon the bulldozer will come
to dig a foundation for a new house.
No one will care or worry about
the tiny, grey, displaced mouse.

Oh I know, some will say, "This is progress!
A family will have a brand new house."
I'm sure that family will think it's progress,
but I bet you a dollar, no one will ask the mouse.