Friday, July 13, 2018

Sort It Out

Sort It Out

Why do we let our possessions
take over and become our obsessions?

Things we acquire,
that we think are a must,
end up on a shelf
collecting dust.

All sorts of gizmos and gadgets,
we save up our money to buy.
Later, we realize we don't need them,
although they once caught our eye.

Closets and attic are overflowing.
Good grief, what a mess!
All this clutter. Too much stuff!
The chaos causes stress.

Getting it all sorted and tidy
is on my bucket list.
I must figure out what I really need,
and get rid of what will never be missed.

It's time to prioritize what we've got.
Decide which things still bring joy,
and dispose of those which do not.

Who knew letting go
could be such a chore.
Repeat after me,
"Less is more. Less is more."