Thursday, July 25, 2013

Roadside Reminder

Update:  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.  Things didn't work out for us to buy the house that I posted a picture of here a couple of posts ago.  So we are starting over again with our house hunting.  We are hoping to turn this minor setback into an opportunity to find something we love even more.  Stay tuned!


And now for something completely different!* 

Roadside Reminder

Love Bugs in rainbow colors
in a bizarre roadside tower
(like kindergarten blocks
piled in a precarious stack)
make me wonder 
if some folks-- 
where they should have brains--
instead have rocks!
(and good sense they quite obviously lack).
Then I smile at the whimsy
of these creative folks
(who stack cars by the road like blocks),
and I'm grateful they're around
to make me laugh 
and remind me
that sometimes it does us good 
to approach life from a different angle
and go off on the unbeaten track.

*with a small nod to Monty Python's Flying Circus fans everywhere


  1. Great picture! I hope you find the perfect house.

  2. I love these kinds of cars... my favorite one would be a lime green one... I think it is great when we can see life from a different angle... it can help us to grow.

    I hope you find another house soon and I hope it is even better then you dreamed :)

  3. Oh no! That's so disappointing. Good luck with your continuing search.
    Another fun poem and photo, though :)

  4. Another great poem and It makes me happy to see you have that kind of attitude about it all. Wishing You All the best of luck. Thanks for making my day. Hugs, Susie

  5. House hunting is such an emotionally draining activity. We've only gone through the process once but there were multiple houses that we wanted, offered on, and lost, and I can vaguely remember that feeling after I'd already mentally moved us in! Starting over is very hard but I'm glad, in the end, because we ended up where we were meant to be... here at Crow Cottage.

  6. Anonymous7/26/2013

    Praying for the Lord to lead you to a perfect home.

    Love the poem and the colorful bugs!

  7. WOW!! These would make a person take a second look for sure!

    Sorry about the house, but maybe it's for the best...

  8. Love the cars! Hope you are able to get the home you will love!

    1. Thank you, Betty! I appreciate your comment and visit to my blog. :)

  9. I know quite a few people who'd appreciate this whimsical tower, so you're right about the variations in"creativity" , or even the differences in appreciation of such "art'. I like it, it made me smile.

    I am sorry to read you didn't get your house, but there is a perfect HOME for you after more searching.I hope you don't get discouraged. It can even be fun being a "looky-lou" !

  10. So sorry for your latest setback ---but I'm sure that that means that something even much better will come along. Prayers for your search.

    Funny about the VW Bugs all piled on top of each other... Not sure how I feel about that --but it did make me smile....


  11. As my Grandma would say,"Now that's a sight!" Praying for the very best situation for your house hunt!

  12. Congratulations Daisy, very beautiful poem. And good luck finding the new house.

  13. I'm wired to love stacked VWs. Before I dismantled the installation in my back yard, there were approximately 150 clocks. :)))) And doors and windows installed waaaaaay up in the treetops.

    The right house that is right for you will appear at the right time. xoxo

  14. Daisy, for the two steps backwards.... love those bugs. Hugs.

  15. Too bad about the house, Daisy, but as folks say things DO sometimes happen for a reason and that could mean the right home will come along. ENjoyed the poem and especially the photo!

  16. Thanks all! I do feel that things will work out for the best for us in our house hunt.

    I'm glad you all liked the stacked VWs photo. I thought it was amusing to see. :-)

  17. Love the funny pic & Your wonderful poem! Best wishes on finding the home best for you & your family.

  18. Sorry about the house- but I'll bet the perfect one will come along soon and you will be so happy that this deal fell through!!

    1. Thank you, Terri! We have found another, and we really love it. We are still working out the details, though, so we will see. :)


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