Monday, September 1, 2014

Shining Out From Within

Shining Out From Within

Morning Glories,
bright jewels of sunrise,
delight in reaching, reaching for the Light.

Climbing higher,
desiring, following, seeking it;
escaping from the night.

Catching the rays, soaking them up;
filled to overflowing.

Stars shining out from within;
basking, illuminating, glowing.

Round and round in a spin.

Sharing the peace, trumpeting the joy,
shining the Light of the All-knowing.


  1. I love this poem Daisy and all the flowers are so gorgeous. I could feel the flowers reaching for the light ♡

  2. Anonymous9/01/2014

    Your morning glories are so pretty and I love the poem.
    I am enjoying your beautiful flowers this summer.

  3. These are some real beauties!! I've never seen so many colors! As usual, you've written a wonderful poem to go with the pictures.

  4. So many layers of meaning in your poem, and I love the deep blue glories with almost flourescent pink-purple middles. They are appropriately glorious.

  5. Wow! I didn't realize morning glories came in so many colors. All we ever had were the blue ones... and I loved them. Yours are so much more beautiful, though,and your poem is just as beautiful. (Keep it up, and we're gonna have to think about an "Old Broads" Volume TWO!)

  6. Daisy
    Morning glories have always been one of my most favorite flowers ..
    Such lovely captures in your photos and I so love your poem ...
    Poetic justice to the beautiful morning glories ... beautiful poem ...

  7. Oh, I meant to add my congrats to 29 years of marriage ... that is awesome!
    We hope to go to Scotland next April on our 40th ... it seems strange to be married that long, strange but very wonderful ... I feel so old ... LOL


  8. So beautiful and so many different colors. I love the poem as well. Hope you have a nice week.

  9. glorious colors and uplifting poem. You captured the whole package

  10. Oh........morning glories..........they hold such a beauty of their own and your words describe them well!

  11. Hi There, Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. We did --but didn't do much since it has gotten so hot here. We did grill a couple of delicious steaks and had baked potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles and cranberry relish for dinner... YUM...

    When I think of Morning Glories, I think of YOU. You are the Queen of Morning Glories for sure. SO many colors --and they all look so happy.... Love them --and your poem.


  12. Olá amiga, vim desejar-lhe um abençoado início de mês.
    Doce abraço Marie.

  13. What beautiful Morning Glories ! Are they a special selection of seed ? They don't look like the "weed" variety we have around here, the kind of Morning Glories people will curse at you for if they see you've some growing in your property. ( They're very invasive and some people in these parts have been at war with morning Glories for decades. )

    Your poem reminds me how God's creation seems to reflect back on its' Creator, in all its' and His glory.

  14. Que bonito post, me he paseado por tu bloc y me ha encantado, te invito a ver el mío, esta semana las mascotas son las protagonistas, nos hacen compañía y sacan lo mejor de nosotros mismos. Si eres un amantr de los anima les no te puedes perder este. Deseo que te guste y si es así y no eres seguidora espero que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.

  15. One of my favorite flowers - use to grow them at my old house!! Love the poem - so expresses the beauty and beautiful c olors of these lovely flowers! Nice photos.

  16. The colors on those morning glories are deep and rich. Lovely flowers to match lovely words!

  17. Thank you, all. Morning Glories are one of my favorites. I'm glad you all enjoyed my poem and photos.

    Mildred, I'm glad you have enjoyed them. I have felt so blessed with all the flowers that have appeared in my yard this summer. The previous owners here left so many treasures behind.

    Susan, you never know! Sounds like fun. :)

    Margie, thank you! Wow, Scotland! I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Betsy, you make me smile. When I think of roses, I think of you! :)

    Kathy, the big light blue ones are called Heavenly Blue and the big blue and white ones are called Flying Saucers. The others are just mixed colors of morning glory seeds that I bought at Lowe's.

    Julia and Liza, hello and thank you for visiting here. Liza, thank you for following my blog too!

    Wishing you all a wonderful day!

  18. lovely flowers, lovely words
    bisous français

    1. Thank you, Nélinha. Thank you for visiting and commenting here too! :) Have a nice weekend!

  19. Beautiful poem and beautiful flowers!

  20. Wonderful poem and adore your gorgeous morning glories.

  21. Hello Joyful and Stephanie! Thank you for visiting and commenting here :-)


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