Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

I walked along the flower trail,
finding joy in each detail.
I was the only one around,
(I thought),
but then I heard a buzzing sound.
After taking a closer look,
let me tell you what I found!

Two bees danced around the morning glories

and another around the daisies.

Black-eyed Susans were quite an attraction
to lightning bug ...

and spider action...

and to an inchworm measuring, measuring 
fraction by fraction.

A wee, green bug perched on a purple petal...

while a beetle with spots 
chose orange 
as the place to settle.

A green and black 
dragonfly fellow
stood out clear and bold 
against his choice of yellow,

but his brother nearby 
could barely be seen
hiding in plain sight 
against the green.

A Mourning Cloak 
with ragged wings 
lit on a plain leaf nearby

while against the glory of a lily 
lounged a common housefly.

All of them among the flowers:
 butterfly, beetle, and bee
add to the details that delight me
 and make for good company.


  1. Daisy, this was beautiful as always... I love reading your poems and the pictures portrayed the words so perfectly... I actually saw beauty in bugs... that is usually a tall order ... however; even if I am not a bug fan... I know the importance of having them to spread the pollen to other places :)

    1. Thank you, Launna. Some bugs are beautiful (and some give me the willies!--haha!), but yes there are some that we need for pollination. I'm glad you liked this. :-)

  2. This is just so cute! Great pictures to go with the words. Did you take the pictures?

    1. Charlotte, yes, I did take these pictures. They are all from the flowers in my yard. Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you liked this. :D

  3. Aww, love this one and the pictures as well. I love your poems. Hugs

    1. Thank you, Susie! You are very sweet. :-)

  4. What a delightful combination of words and images! Lovely!

  5. Anonymous10/06/2014

    Nice to see the garden so full of life and what a cute poem.

  6. poetry and photography combo - I felt like I was on the walk with you. Nicely done

  7. YES---we are NEVER alone, are we? Love your flowers and all of the little bugsy-wugsies.... Great post.


  8. Wonderful collage of photos and poetry. I'm impressed with the close-up pictures, and with how well you wove poetic verses through to the end.

  9. Love your poetry
    and your images are lovely♥

  10. Your poetry is breathtaking - what a stunning collection of photographs to go with it xx

  11. love it Daisy, the poem and the pictures. Have an amazing weekend.

  12. Another one of my favorites. This poem is particularly significant to me. I read it soon after you posted but waited to comment - hoping that with time I might express my delight and gratitude as best possible. Everything about this poem is charming - but it's the depth, perception that is powerful. xo

  13. Daisy,
    Your photos are fantastic. I love your capturing the insects on the flowers. They are are so beautiful. I like very much your poem, too. Super posting!

  14. With your imagination, we are never alone!!


  15. Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments! I appreciate them and you!

    Reenie, I'm so glad you liked this. When I was working on this it made me think of the new carpet you got recently. :-)

  16. Olá querida, passei por aqui para agradecer sua doce presença
    no meu cantinho.
    Fico encantada com seu dom em captar as mais sutis imagens, e ainda poetizar!!! Parabéns!!!
    Obrigada !!!
    Abraços, Marie.

  17. I hit the jackpot here - came to see if you had wrote a new poem (just got back from being gone about a week) and here you wrote and adorable poem and posted photos to go along with it. Love the whole post.

  18. The insects have a beauty all their own, some of them, especially the beetles and dragonflies look like jewels. To read your poem with insects and flowers , especially the common fly on the beautiful lily , paired them up to show each other off. Love it !

  19. Lovely poem and lovely photos! The insect and flower world are breath taking!

  20. Wow, fantastic photos! We too often overlook the amazing miniature world of insects all around us. (until they bite or sting us...) Thanks for the visual reminder, and the "just right" poem to go with it.

    Happy weekend!

  21. O sol é para as flores o que os sorrisos são para a humanidade.(Joseph Addison)
    Amo passear por aqui!!!!
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  22. An exceptional pairing of poetic images! Beautifully done, Connie!


  23. un très joli billet fleuri
    Very nice post ...And very poetic I love that
    thanks a lot for sharing

  24. "Ontem foi embora.Amanhã ainda não veio. Temos somente hoje, comecemos!!!Qualquer ato
    de amor, por menor que seja, é um trabalho pela paz" (Madre Teresa de Calcutá)
    Um grande abraço, Marie.

  25. Thank you all for your sweet comments. You all make me smile. Happy weekend everyone! :-)

  26. Wonderful tandem of words and pictures. They're so sharp like almost coming to life. I'm Mash, new follower.

    1. Hello Mash! Thank you for following here and for your comment. Nice to meet you. :-)


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