Wednesday, July 8, 2015



Memories suddenly appear,
sneaking up on you 
from the rear.
They push you up higher and higher
as if you were on a swing 
at the playground.

They play on a screen in your head
like a motion picture show.
They stir up emotions and swirl them around, 
and then as quickly as they came, they go.

They arrive at your door uninvited.
Some you welcome with surprise and delight.
Others you slam the door against 
to protect yourself from the sadness they bring.
They cling to your spirit
the way darkness clings to night. 

A song, a smell, a color, a well-turned phrase. 
Anything can be a trigger to reminisce.
Each one takes you back to people and times in the past.
Some that you long for.
Some that you really don't miss.


Speaking of memories, my friend Cary has written a fun list of pop culture memory triggers from the 1970's, 80's, and 90's. If you have a minute, click here and see how many you remember.  


  1. Another super poem, Daisy! Isn't it funny how memories can kick you in the solar plexus without warning sometimes? But thank goodness, they aren't always painful.

  2. Anonymous7/08/2015

    A great poem, Daisy. Sitting at a railroad crossing recently jogged my memory of hearing the train during the night at our last home! I'm off to visit Carly now. Have a good evening.

  3. Anonymous7/08/2015

    p.s. Cary, not Carly

  4. Daisy... this is so intuitive... certain memories are so sweet while others are so bittersweet... it's too bad we can't pick or choose... but I suppose the bittersweet ones remind of us how wonderful the good ons are.

    I'm on a blog break but I saw you posted and I didn't want to miss it ♡

  5. Oh Wow, love this one Daisy. Memories have a way of doing that and you did an awesome job with us..

  6. Hi Daisy, Another neat poem! I particularly like the was you said, "They cling to your spirit the way darkness clings to night."!

  7. Good poem. Having just visited my Dad, this poem encompasses so much that happens when I go to PA - good times with my mother, grandmother, etc.. I'm fortunate to have many excellent memories of a happy childhood. You truly have a way with words.

  8. wow, i really like this - you definitely captured the "essence" of memories.

  9. I was just thinking this morning that I had a hankering for a Daisy Poem. :)

    As my time lingers longer than I ever thought possible, I find that more and more my mind runs reels of memories as I slip asleep - especially for an afternoon nap. Sometimes the memories are so intrusive, I *leap* from bed to make some new ones! I tuck away any thoughts of sleeping and get myself busy with a project. There will always be time for sleep.

    Wonderful poem, Daisy.


  10. Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed this poem. Memories are so elusive and mysterious sometimes. It's surprising how much they can affect our moods too.

  11. So true the writing.

  12. Very true..I have memories of my brother that seem to come out of nowhere..always a smell or a stray thought and then there he is. Bittersweet, sad, but welcome. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Another wonderful poem. And so true. I was remembering a ton of stuff the other day about my University residence, funny the triggers that come.


  14. You captured well the mysterious force of memories, Daisy. As of late, I've been having lots of memories in my sleep. Usually, when I have memories in my sleep, they aren't pleasant. These ones are. It's pretty awesome and likely related to the (non-fictional) novel I'm publishing.

    I hope you're having a peaceful weekend.

    1. Thank you, Robyn. That is cool that you are having good memories in your sleep. Those are the kinds of dreams that you don't want to wake up from.

  15. Charlotte, Nikki, Terri, and Jannie, thank you all for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

  16. So true! Seems the bad ones are the ones that really come alive in my consciousness.

  17. So love this Daisy! Smell......always brings back many memories for me

  18. What a sweet poem! LOVE.

  19. Linda, Kathleen, and Crystal, thank you all for your comments. Crystal, welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog today. :)

  20. This is so true. Often it is smells that bring a memory to me, and yes, some of the memories are dark and I don't want them , the dark memories come when I least expect it and sometimes produce tears or even anger, making them even worse. It is so good to be able to remember happy things though. Again, another wonderful poem. Thank-you.


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