Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Everyday Love

Everyday Love

He left a trail of paper clips
and made coffee cup rings
on the envelopes of unopened junk mail.
She followed along behind
and made their home tidy again.

Her hands were bent and twisted.
Ruled by arthritis, they were weak and clumsy.
He opened jars with tight lids for her
and swept up the shattered pieces of drinking glasses
that slipped through her fingers
and crashed on the ceramic kitchen floor.

Together they picked apples,
watched movies and sunsets,
and strolled through the leaves in the park.
He tended the houseplants
when she forgot to water them.
She could always find his keys
and his glasses for him
when he misplaced them 
and left them lying about.

Their love was so simple, so pure,
so real, and so grand,
that others couldn't help but to feel it
when in their presence.
Some of the gestures of love between them
were extravagant and beyond imagining,
but mostly it was the little things 
that bound them together:
a shoulder rub after a long day,
sharing the last piece of apple pie,
holding hands at the theater, 
knowing when to speak
and when to remain silent,
and carrying each other's burdens.

Their love was an everyday love.
Not an ordinary love,
not a boring, tedious, or plain love,
but one that was felt every single day.
It was steadfast, reliable, and unbreakable.

His eyes twinkled and teased,
her smile lit up his world,
and her laughter was his music.


  1. Oh what a precious poem! Maybe it appeals to me so much because the farmer and I are reaching that age when we need to be close and helpful to one another. Thanks!!

  2. This poem hits home Daisy since we'll soon be having our 45th anniversary. I love it so much.

  3. Daisy this is beautiful and this is truly what real love is about. This is what I want, someone who knows me and loves me for me... I'd return the same. ♡♡♡

  4. So very sweet! So much of a good relationship is made up of little caring gestures.

  5. you captured real love in this poem. The little things, the ying and yang that pulls it together for lives. Excellent

  6. Thank you all. I read recently of a couple who had been married many, many years. They died within a few hours of each other. It was like one simply could not go on without the other. I tried to imagine what their every day life might have been like. I imagined they would have a love like this.

  7. this is so beautiful. I have read an article like that also that u mention above. Yes this poem sounds like their love.

  8. A perfect relationship! How sweet each day would be if every couple share the same intensity of love like in your poem.

  9. awww. shows no one is perfect but real love makes up for all imperfections. Great poem Daisy.

  10. One of your best, Daisy! I thought of Jeep and me, since I had my 80th birthday lately :) We are getting there!

  11. Oh, Daisy, I love this poem. After more than 46 years of marriage, our love certainly looks different than it did 50 or so years ago. It's not all new and shiny anymore; now it's time-worn and bears a few scars, but it's more steadfast, more matter-of-fact day-by-day dependable... and more glorious than ever.

  12. This is beautiful . A poem about true and constant love that lasts a lifetime.

  13. Their love was a treasure, as is this poem. I especially like the final line.
    Thank you, Daisy.

  14. Beautiful. The kind of love we all hope we have.

  15. Wow! Susie, what an awesome poem. It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of my grandparents. You've written a beautiful, heart-warming poem.

  16. So sweet. All those lovely details. You have such a great gift of picking out the things so many overlook.

  17. This is a precious tribute to genuine love! Thank you for sharing your poems.

  18. Thank you everyone!

  19. Beyond the waterfall romance that makes you dizzy in its tide, wish there is the calm of this poetry in everyone's life. A gentle sway on a boat that floats in swelling river. Loved it!

    1. I love your comparison, Sujata! Thank you. :)

  20. I love this poem!!!. It says it all. Hubby and I do these things for each other as we are getting older and having so many ailments. But sometimes we get a little bit cranky with each other also, lol...


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