Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Election Day

Election Day

So much in the future depends
on the decisions made today.
Choosing leaders, passing issues.
Everyone has a say.

Politicians spend their time
trying to prove they are great.
The rest of us consider and try to decide
how they compare, how they rate.

I'm glad I'm not one of them.
Can you imagine how difficult it must be
to guard so cautiously
all that you do 
and all that people see?

Each word spoken 
must be carefully weighed.
Because you know for certain, 
the world will notice if mistakes are made.

So for all of our sakes
and for the sake of our future too,
let's hope the best men and women win.
The fates of many rely on so few.


  1. Indeed I did early vote knowing I was headed to PA to help my Dad, But when it's not a "big issue" election, voter apathy reigns. Good poem

  2. Great poem . I surely agree.. Ours is not till May.

  3. Well said. Our elections today were not very exciting but we voted because we want to keep the politicians aware that people are watching them.

  4. So well said! And so much is at stake.

  5. yes, very well said Daisy! I know there are good ones out there - i just feel that by the time they get into office - they have to play games and bow to the god of money and so many let power go to their heads. Cheers to honest politicans that keep their campaign promises.

  6. Great poem Daisy... elections are never easy, we just had one here in Canada and frankly I think the vote went the way so that Stephen Harper could be voted out.

    I hope the US votes in the person that will help unite the country more. Have a great week, thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog xox ♡

  7. So true. I have often contemplated how it must be for everything you say and do is scrutinized and reported to the public, often accompanied by slander , distortions of the truth and outright lies. Makes me wonder why anyone puts themselves up for election , but glad some do. Yes, I hope the best people for the job win , so vote !

  8. Great poem Daisy. It sure makes one wonder why our Government has taken a turn for the worse, as I see it. I agree with Launna. I am hoping whoever gets elected will unify our country instead of the great divide that we are seeing today. Hugs, LJ

  9. A different one this time. Loved the verses and the rhyme scheme, an easy scheme for a tough topic!

  10. I agree with KathyB, why anyone puts himself up for election and all the critical things said about him. Usually the person I vote for doesn't win :)
    Your poem is food for thought.

  11. The fates of many rely on so few. This is important. If we make a wrong selection we have to wait for years to rectify the mistake.

    In a country like India where a millions of people are illiterate and poor, politicians make false promises at the time of elections to get votes and after winning they look after their own interests. It is said that in India one third of the Parliamentarians have criminal cases against them. They are not barred from contesting elections again and again unless and until they are actually convicted by a court of law. Cases against political leaders drag on for many,many years and generally they escape conviction.

    Recently we have elected a new govt. and see what a well known writer , ARUNDATHI ROY who won the BOOKER Prize has to say.

    Today we live in a country in which, when the thugs and apparatchiks of the New Order talk of “illegal slaughter” they mean the imaginary cow that was killed – not the real man that was murdered. When they talk of taking “evidence for forensic examination” from the scene of the crime, they mean the food in the fridge, not the body of the lynched man. We say we have “progressed” – but when Dalits are butchered and their children burned alive, which writer today can freely say, like Babasaheb Ambedkar once did that “To the Untouchables, Hinduism is a veritable chamber of horrors,” (Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings and Speeches, Volume 9 pg 296) without getting attacked, lynched, shot or jailed? Which writer can write what Saadat Hassan Manto wrote in his “Letter to Uncle Sam”? It doesn’t matter whether we agree or disagree with what is being said. If we do not have the right to speak freely we will turn into a society that suffers from intellectual malnutrition, a nation of fools. Across the subcontinent it has become a race to the bottom – one that the New India has enthusiastically joined. Here too now, censorship has been outsourced to the mob.

    Best wishes

  12. I've gotten so used to seeing images and photography with your poems these days it was weird to see one without! hehe
    Yeah, I cannot imagine how hard it must be to have to be so so careful of every little thing you say and do in life - the smallest thing can be thrown completely out of context.. it's actually scary!


  13. well said Daisy. Sending you wishes for a beautiful Saturday.

  14. Anonymous11/07/2015

    Perfect poem for these troubling times we are living in. Wishing you a nice weekend. I have up a new post finally if you have a chance to visit.

  15. Super poem, as always.

    I sure wouldn't want to be subjected to the kind of scrutiny politicians have to bear, but they volunteer for it. You'd think there wouldn't be so many of them who "pad their resumes" with blatant lies, though, wouldn't you...?

  16. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments. This can be a touchy subject and a tough one for all.


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