Tuesday, April 12, 2016

He Said She Said and Three Tries

Robert Lee Brewer is hosting a poem a day challenge on his blog during the month of April that I've been following. Each day he posts a prompt for participants to use to write a poem. I may or may not write a poem for each of his prompts. My last post on this blog was for his first prompt. Today's poems are for his second and third prompts. Obviously, I am not keeping up with the challenge, but it is fun to play around with the prompts. If I write any more poems to go with his prompts, I will post them here even if I am way behind according to the dates. The prompt for the first day was "Fool." The prompts for the two poems below were "He said she said" and "Three _____" (fill in the blank).

He Said She Said

He said he’d love her forever,
but when he said it, 
he didn’t know how long 
forever would take.

She said she’d honor and cherish him
before she realized 
how big of a mess 
he could make.

He said, “I think we can do this.”
She said, “I know we can.”
They made it through the mess to forever
with a lot of he saids and she saids,
and a lot of knowing 
when to give and when to take.

Three Tries

They say the third time is the charm.
Now, I don’t wish to cause alarm,
but sometimes it takes only two
attempts to do what you must do,
and you also must be ready to do more,
because sometimes, sometimes, it takes four.
Or it could take just one… Imagine that!
You could be done in seconds flat!
Sadly, it could take many, many tries
to get a result that satisfies,
but practice makes perfect. So take heart,
and remember you’ll NEVER finish… unless you start.


  1. Anonymous4/12/2016

    I enjoyed these two very much, Connie. Today I stopped by the park at the lake. The only people out were an older couple on a little fishing boat. Across the water, I could hear them fussing...not fighting...just arguing over the best spot to drop their line, etc. It was a bit funny!!!

    1. Haha! Yes, I can imagine it would be. I think most married couples would recognize themselves in the couple you saw at the lake too. :)

  2. Connie, How I wish I had your kind of talent with poetry... you really are an amazing writer... Both of these are wonderful poems with so much meaning behind them... awesome xox

    1. Thank you, Launna. You're very kind. :)

  3. so darn good. forever can be daunting
    As far as three tries...well, I am the third wife. It seems to be working with Ray at 27 years. It's a charm!!
    Excellent poetry

    1. You and Ray are both quite lucky, I think. :) Thank you for your kind words.

  4. oh I enjoyed these - (lost my internet connection as I was reading about a half hour ago so got my shower over with and came back).... I could so relate. And about the three tries - there is something about threes... Not in the context you were talking about but in a different way also. When I see something three times (something out of the ordinary or unusual) I know I better pay attention.

    I always enjoy your poetry.

  5. Excellent poems. I especially like how the "takes..." leads to a "take heart" and positive sentiment.

  6. I enjoyed these so much. You did a great job bringing these to life. I've thought about doing them in April but was afraid I couldn't do one a day. I may try to do a few. Thanks for sharing your awesome talent with us.

  7. Both poems are great! But the last one seems to fit me best :)

  8. I sure can go along with the he said she said one being married 51 years lol... And if I ever can do something on the first try that is a bit tricky, well I sing praises to the Lord. Hugs, LJ

  9. Anonymous4/13/2016

    These are great, I love the second one, it's true you never know how many times something will take until you get it right!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  10. Enjoyed both of these, Connie, but my favorite is the first one. It seems so manynof us can identify with both on a couples and personal level. What a fun challenge and one that you easily handled.

  11. Your first poem brought out the cynic in me--and I immediately heard Meatloaf in my mind (after having promised to love here forever singing: "praying for the end of time, to hurry up and arrive..." :)

    1. Ha! Yes, I'm familiar with that song.:)

  12. Love them both, Connie, but that first one seems to be SO true for so many.... My first marriage didn't last (although we made it for 20 years) ---and I'm sure that both of us had some of those same feelings about each other. We did raise 3 wonderful sons though.


  13. Anonymous4/14/2016

    I found a writer's retreat tiny house just for you!

    1. I love it, Mildred. I think I'd want to put it next to a beach though instead of surrounded by snow. Haha!

  14. Marriage is hard...and this poem alludes to that. But it rings of hope :)

  15. Thank you, everyone, for your comments on these two poems. Although neither one is particularly autobiographical in nature for me, I can certainly relate, as many of you can, to the situations in each poem.


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