Friday, June 17, 2016

Ovillejo Poetry: The Answer, Father's Day, My Flowers

For this post, I attempted to write some poems in the poetic form known as Ovillejo. I was reading about this form, and it was new to me, so I decided to give it a try. I found it to be much more challenging than I expected, but I did finally come up with the following three poems. They felt forced to me when I wrote them, but I think I followed the rules, and it was interesting to try something new. For more examples of this type of poem, read this post and the comments that follow it. Their examples are much better than mine.

Ovillejo poetry is written in the following form:
Line 1: an a rhyme in 8 syllables
Line 2: an a rhyme in 3-4 syllables

Line 3: a b rhyme in 8 syllables
Line 4: a b rhyme in 3-4 syllables

Line 5: a c rhyme in 8 syllables
Line 6: a c rhyme in 3-4 syllables

Line 7: a c rhyme in 8 syllables
Line 8: a d rhyme in 8 syllables
Line 9: a d rhyme in 8 syllables
Line 10: (Line 2) (Line 4) (Line 6)

In other words, it is a ten-line poem that is comprised of three rhyming couplets and a quatrain. Lines two, four, and six are repeated to create line ten.

This first poem is somewhat of a response to all the sadness that has been in the news lately.

The Answer

Best route to peace? Both hers and his?
Kindness is.

What will end hate, dissolve anger?
The answer?

Having compassion is our call.
Above all!

Build a new bridge. Tear down the wall.
Communicate. Have empathy.
Look through their eyes. See what they see.
Kindness is. The answer. Above all!

        *     *     *     *     *

This next one is a small nod to Father's Day this weekend. Happy Father's Day to any Dads who might be reading this.

Father’s Day

Who’s there for you when times are bad?
Dear old Dad.

Head and shoulders above the rest?
He’s the best.

What’s the right thing for you to do?
Say thank you!

On Father’s Day, if you’ve no clue,
give Dad some love straight from your heart.
He has been there right from the start.
Dear old Dad. He’s the best. Say thank you!

     *     *     *     *      *

This last one is about the flowers growing in my yard of late, just because they bring me so much joy.

My Flowers

What brings me joy in every hue?
My flowers do.

What do they do all in a row?
Nothing but grow.

Why do they bloom triumphantly?
To please me.

For the butterflies, bees, and me.
They show off in color and style.
They stay for a day or a while.
My flowers do. Nothing but grow. To please me.

     *     *     *     *      *

So that you can enjoy my flowers too, here are a few photos of what is in bloom lately.


  1. Your flowers ARE lovely. I especially liked the first poem. What a challenge.

  2. gorgeous flowers. These poems are well done. I will say they don't seem to flow as naturally as the majority of your poems (that I like a lot). That said - always good to try new stuff and these are pleasant poems. Enjoy the weekend!!!

  3. Love your beautiful flowers and you did an awesome job with these. I love all of the poems but the first one looks like it'd be the hardest to do. I've never heard of this type but will be checking it out. You have the talent to do any kind and you just proved it as if we didn't already know. Hope you have a nice weekend as well.

  4. Anonymous6/17/2016

    Happy Weekend Connie. Very interesting and new form of poetry to me. I really enjoyed the one for father's day, and of course, the flowers too. You have so many colorful blooms. I appreciate you sharing them with us. Summer is such a beautiful time.

  5. Connie, the poems turned out very good Connie and I love your pretty flowers... such wonderful colors xox

    That first poem is thought provoking, how I wish more people read it but the would have to be open for change xox♡♡♡

  6. I was not familiar with Ovillejo. You did a good job with it. Seems like a good pattern for oratory.

  7. First of all, Happy Birthday!!!!! I don't know much about any kind of poetry --but this one is interesting. I think you did a GREAT job...It's fun (SOMETIMES) to learn new things, isn't it?

    I love your flowers.... I used to have a lavender clematis like yours... The Day Lilies and Lilies and Roses are all familiar--but what is the BLUE one????

    Have a wonderful day, my Friend.

    1. Thank you, Betsy, for the birthday wishes! The blue flower is also a clematis. We have clematis in pink, blue, and light purple or lavender.

  8. I believe you've captured the Ovillejo style! These are great!
    Did you plant the flowers at your new place, or were some already there? No matter ~ they're beautiful! You must be getting plenty of rain for them.

    1. Some of the flowers we have planted, but we were fortunate in that many were already growing here when we moved in. :) The weather has been great for the flowers with the right amount of rain and sunshine.

  9. Wow the Ovillejo style - you did great - i really enjoyed reading them. And your flowers - so beautiful!

  10. I had not come across the term Ovillejo.

    I think you have done excellent writing on all three subject choices. The words you have used are so apt for them.

    I love all your lovely flowers - what a mix of beautiful colours.

    All the best Jan

  11. Simple and to the point. Great poems....and your pictures of your beautiful flowers are stunning. Have an amazing week Connie.

  12. You did a great job, Connie. I especially like the one about DAD. That's how I will always think of my Dad - head and shoulders above the rest. Your flowers are looking great this summer! Thanks for sharing the poems and pics.

  13. Thank you, everyone, for the kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the poems and photos. It's fun to try a new form of poetry once in a while, but I usually return to my own freestyle, no-particular-rules poems.

  14. I love your flowers. The photos are awesome. Your poetry is great, but this form sounds challenging. You did a great job with the poems.


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