Sunday, August 6, 2017

We Are All Miracles

We Are All Miracles

Bits of buttery, pale yellow pollen
powder the inside of a pink lily.
Few will even notice 
except, perhaps, the bees and me.

God stirs up a sunset with his own recipe.
Ingredients?...He uses only three!
Air, sunlight, and wisps of clouds
become pink and blue swirling art
displayed in the sky for everyone to see.

We are nothing but insignificant grains of sand
on an infinite beach next to the infinite sea.
Why were we deemed necessary
in this grand scheme of things?
Why were we chosen to live, to love,
to breathe, and to be?

I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason, 
we are part of the plan.
Our lives intertwine with each creature, each flower, each tree.
We are all miracles made up of music, color, and mystery.
We are magic, math, beauty, and symmetry.
We are all miracles.


  1. Beautiful words you've woven here Connie.
    A lovely post, just right ...

    All the best Jan

  2. Yes we are! all miracles. We do seem so small like grains of sand...I see miracles everywhere like you described so beautifully

  3. Good Morning Connie. This is a beautiful poem. I remember my dad would walk with me among the flowers and say, "how could anyone doubt there is a God when you look at the flowers?" Hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. lovely poem and pics. Aah - the miracle of words too.
    Keep weaving the magic

  5. Wonderful poems, and I never grow tired of appreciating sunsets (and rises)

  6. What wonderful thoughts and perspective, truly insightful. Nice of you to share!

  7. wonderful your words always are! This is such a lovely poem!

  8. This was a very lovely post, Connie, and truer words than we sometimes realize.

  9. This reads to me like a beautiful, warm loving song.
    Thank you, Connie.

  10. Ah---great pictures.. Great words!!!! AND seeing the Lily, the sunset/sky, and also the beach in one post!!!!! Life doesn't get any better than that!!!!


  11. Yes, we are miracles! Inspiring post.

  12. YES!!! I love it, and I completely agree with your sentiments. People who don't believe in miracles have forgotten that they ARE miracles.

  13. Connie, this poem speaks to my heart. I will return to hit again for inspiration. We are all interconnected.

  14. Well said! I wholeheartedly agree :)


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