Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Winter Waiting

Winter Waiting

Chilled, brisk air 
chases him down the sidewalk 
and follows behind him 
through the door.
He shuts it out quickly.
He shakes bits of snow from his coat
which melt into little puddles 
upon hitting the floor.

He smells chili 
simmering on the stove
and the homemade bread she's baking.
Her welcoming hug and smile
makes him grateful
for a quiet evening at home
 in the making.

Wrapped in an afghan,
watching the flickering fire,
and drinking tea,
they spend their time
reading books, laughing, 
listening to music,
watching TV. 

It's the time of winter waiting.
Waiting for the snow to start.
Waiting for the snow to stop.
Waiting for the snow to melt.

It's the time of winter waiting.
Waiting for the soup to boil.
Waiting for the bread to bake.
Waiting for the new year.
Waiting to see... what cards will be dealt.

The young at heart 
wait for Christmas,
wondering what Santa will bring.
Older folks with aching bones
work jigsaw puzzles 
and wait for spring.


  1. Anonymous12/13/2017

    A wonderful poem, Connie. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas.

  2. Beautiful poem.... I LOVE Chili in winter... There's just nothing better.... I love having on my sweats, cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket --with my hubby next to me, watching the fire glowing in the fireplace. OH--how I love winter!!!!

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Great poem. Eh ...jigsaw puzzles, I love it too.

    1. Hello! Thank you for visiting and commenting here.

  4. perfect little twist at the end. Indeed, just visited my father and he's bemoaning the winter ahead. Snow and ice are not his friend. Great job on this poem

  5. This is so good!! I'm one of those "waiting for the snow to melt" although we haven't had any yet. I'm also one of the "older folks" who loves jigsaw puzzles.

  6. Replies
    1. We have plenty to spare and share!

  7. now i wouldn't be able to explain it - but i got the biggest chills run through me when i read this. So beautiful and conjures up memories that maybe we haven't had all of them but we've had enough to relate to Christmas' past.

  8. Love this so much and I've missed your awesome poetry and you. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

  9. Oh my goodness this is so beautiful...winter waiting. The imagery is spectacular, and I can so relate.

  10. I love, love, LOVE this poem. My old aching bones do, too.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  11. I am waiting for spring already!

  12. The phrase "winter waiting" is beautiful, and beautifully used here. It's a relaxed, appreciative waiting that you've described and expressed magically. Thank you, Connie.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year's.

  13. Wonderful wonderful poem! Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

  14. Perfect poem, Connie- and I do feel the old bones creaking. It's not really, truly winter here yet...summer stuck around too long and now I am afraid we will just get cold rainy days. Merry Christmas!

  15. Happy after Christmas to you, Connie. This was a nice pre-holiday poem, even if I was late in reading it.

    We were "on the road" for 3 weeks from after Thanksgiving till the week before Christmas. It wasn't exactly a vacation, but more of an extended road trip that included checking the VA house and getting some minor repairs completed, then learning the closing date would not happen aa expected (extension requested). We did see friends in DC and attended the USAF band holiday concert. We also went to our granddaughter's 1st birthday party in PA.

    I am now starting to play catch-up with blog reading and hope that your holidays were joyous and that the coming new year holds wonderful surprises in store (all good).

  16. This is a powerful poem. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and hope your Christmas was wonderful.

  17. I'm waiting for Spring, lol... Love your poem. Hugs, lJ

  18. Wishing you a safe and blessed new year!

  19. Thank you all for your comments! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best in 2018!


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