Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

All those years ago, with my nose pressed
against the rough bark of our backyard maple tree,
I cupped my hands over closed eyes,
showing I couldn't see.

I counted out loud, "...48, 49, 50.
Here I come, ready, or not!"
Opening my eyes, turning from the tree,
I saw no one, but I took off running,
searching each hiding spot.

All these years later,
I have no hiding space.
Knowing I can't see,
I search for comfort, peace, and grace.

Out of control, like a beating drum,
time keeps counting down.
All I can do is get up each day,
take off running, and say,
"Ready or not, here I come!"


  1. I remember those days of hide and seek. Could it be so many years ago?

  2. wow, I like this - brings back memories similar to yours. Time keeps counting down....Yes for sure. And wow does it pass by quick. But ready or not - I'm having fun using it up. I like that beautiful photo! I'm thinking it is your yard maybe.

    1. This actually was in a neighbor's yard. That red tree caught my eye every fall.

  3. Beautiful Connie and I remember those days so well and wish I could bring them back sometimes. Beautiful pic as well.

  4. Oh yes, this brings back fond memories. I love this photo.

  5. I love this, Connie! I'm wondering, do children play this game anymore? If not, they're sure missing a lot of fun!

  6. Well, that brings back memories! Nice lyrical post.

  7. Oh wow - we are all running - sorta ready, here I come.
    Great poem

  8. Good memories! Nice.

  9. Kids of today are too busy hiding in front of their computers or TV sets to be bothered playing such a "quaint" game as Hide and Seek. But we sure had fun, didn't we? Our neighborhood overflowed with kids, so there was no end to the number of outdoor games we played. If we tired of playing the old standards, we made up new ones!

    Today, as adults, sometimes we try to HIDE from the ugly things going on in the world, so we can SEEK and maintain our inner peace.

    Great poem, Connie!

  10. I love the shift in tone from childhood giddiness to adult fortitude - and it all circles back to "Ready or not!"
    Appropriate, sweet, and profound.
    Be well, Connie.

  11. Connie, your words speak to me, as usual.

  12. ha ha, how your words take me back! To my own childhood, but also to a time when our children were small and we enjoyed hide a seek behind a large front yard tree!

  13. OUTSTANDING verse dear Connie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you made related both stages of life remarkably !

    i thoroughly enjoyed this one!
    thank you for such lovely poem sharing my friend!


  14. How well I recall those childhood games, Connie, and thanks for a happy memory once again.

  15. Ready or not, here I come is a great way to face every day!

  16. Oh Yes ----I remember those days....I was SUCH a tomboy --and loved playing outside.... Many times, we'd be playing Tag or Kick the Can --and I was having so much fun that I would get mad when I had to go home and go to the bathroom.... ha ha ha

    Thanks for the memories today.

  17. Thank you, everyone for your comments. I enjoyed reading your memories as well.


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