Monday, April 15, 2019

Magnolia Miracles

Magnolia Miracles

Like hands clasped in prayer,
magnolia buds appeared,
promising the hope of renewal.
Then the sun broke through 
and the clouds cleared.
Prayers were answered
as the petals opened wide,
offering exuberance, 
and second chances...
to breathe, seek joy, 
and be glorified.

This magnolia tree is in my new next door neighbor's front yard! In the photo below, you can see the front of my house next door with the yellow forsythia bushes forming a hedge along the side of it.


  1. Beautiful Connie and I love your house and view. I sure hope spring is here to stay. Hope you have a Blessed week.

  2. A lovely view and colorful yard. Your poem is wonderful. We had magnolias in Georgia. I remember how majestic they looked.

  3. Such a precious poem, Connie. I love those magnolia blossoms and the pretty forsythia by your lovely home. I hope all is going well there. xo

  4. I remember the magnolia trees on the VA eastern shore that were in the neighbor's yard as well. Thanks vfor the memory reminder, Connie.

  5. Lovely way to describe the opening of the petals.

  6. wow this is such a joyous poetry dear Connie!

    i don't think i ever saw this elegant tree around ,it has such pretty flowers :)

    just like praying hands ,so well said my friend!

  7. I love magnolias, they were growing outside my University☺ I am following, greetings from Poland ☺

  8. perfect poem to welcome spring. And you are finally enjoying the glory of forsythia, etc. Lovely neighborhood and home. Bask in the sunshine

  9. that is a beautiful sweet poem Connie. I love the photos and the peek of your house. And Forsythia - don't get me started. It lined the fence of the backyard at my childhood home near Kansas City - and has forever remained as a wonderful memory. So that was nice to see too in the photo.

  10. Lovely tree and poem, but are these magnolias similar to those down here? They don’t appear to be evergreens.

    1. Sage, this variety is deciduous, so it is different from the southern magnolias. I did a little research and discovered that there are eight species of magnolias, two evergreen and six deciduous, that are native to the United States. I had no idea there were so many varieties!


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