Sunday, August 25, 2019

Childhood Summer

Childhood Summer

Picking fat, green peapods
from the vines growing at the edge of the garden.
Sitting on the porch swing in the breezeway
with my mom and my cat.
Shelling peas from their pods,
scooping them into a stainless steel mixing bowl.
Listening to them ping as they fell,

Childhood summers were so simple.
Riding our bikes together in packs,
all around the neighborhood.
Everyone was your friend--it was as easy as that.
Endless games of wiffle ball in the empty field.
Me, playing second base--never caught a one.
Charlie liked being the pitcher.
His sister, the youngest, always first up to bat.

We played hide and seek behind the lilac bushes.
Mary Aileen really knew how to run!
She'd make it home from anywhere
in fifteen seconds flat.
We kept busy with jump rope, freeze tag, and hot potato,
or tossed pebbles into the creek near the train tracks
and counted box cars from the bridge where we sat.

Those times and places are long gone now.
Many of the people are gone too.
It's no longer possible for any of us
to make it home in fifteen seconds flat,
but if I close my eyes and drift a bit,
I 'm there again jumping rope and hiding in the lilacs.
Everyone is a friend.
I just close my eyes--it's as easy as that.


  1. Hi Connie, A very sweet poem and reminds me very much of my childhood. Wishing you a nice new week. xoxo

  2. A splendid reminder of those childhood days. Maybe my memories were different than yours, but, "I just close my eyes--it's as easy as that." Thanks for this.

  3. Howdy - Yep - I'd be your friend and we'd always ride bikes, play croquet, and listen for the ice cream man. Lovely poem and memories. (I grew up in PA)

  4. You nicely capture many childhood memories and brought back some of mine. Thanks!

  5. Yes, it was a simpler time. How nice to have parents who took care of all your vital needs so you could play and learn!

  6. So beautifully written☺

  7. dear Connie

    thank God you are back :)

    i used to visit here just to feel you my friend!
    this is beautiful ,exquisite and really intriguing poem

    opened numerous windows towards times of my childhood when Indeed "everyone was friend"

    you painted your childhood days magnificently :) i could see you sitting with mom or riding with friends :)

    best about this is that you still can jump and join them :)

  8. I truly love this - such memories of such simpler (or so it seemed back then at a younger age) times. I love the way you write and express your memories.

  9. Yes, we all share so many childhood in memories, and reading about them in such a beautifully descriptive poem brings them all rushing back. Well done! Thank you.

  10. This beauty sunk into my heart -- "as easy as that."
    Thank you for the warming sentiment, one we can always return to with eyes closed.

  11. Those were truly the "good ole days" Connie and after reading this poem, I closed my eyes and recalled a few of my own. Thanks for the memories, which were all good!

  12. I love the rhythm of this poem and your rhyming scheme! More so I like the imagery of an idyllic childhood, such simple pleasures and freedom. Beautiful! Consider sending this to IDEALS MAGAZINE.

  13. Giocare a nascondino...che bei tempi quelli.
    Buona serata

  14. yes, summer is so simple for kids...
    well written poem....

    Have a great day

  15. Have a lovely day☺☺

  16. This is a very lovely poem and reminds me of my childhood. What a happy, simple time back then. Great memories!

  17. Just stop by to say hello

  18. You had me at pea shelling...boy oh boy did I ever! I had purple stained fingers and thumbs every summer we visited with my grandparents..And gosh, purple hull peas are the best!

  19. Your lovely poem gives me a longing for simple and carefree days! Always love your writing!

  20. Ah, this is beautiful and sad. And I think it's funny how, even though I am much younger than you, much of this rings true for my own childhood as well. You've captured a timeless quality here.

  21. dear Connie just want to drop wishes for your lovely days with precious family :)
    hope all is absolutely beautiful at your part of land including weather!

  22. Thank you all for your kind comments and for visiting my blog.


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