Monday, April 3, 2017

You Make Me Laugh, Giraffe!

I don't know if any of you have been following the progress of the pregnant and soon-to-give-birth giraffe named April at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY, but I've heard so much about her lately, that I thought I'd write a poem about giraffes. I took the photos in this post the last time I visited the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio.

You Make Me Laugh, Giraffe!

You make me laugh, giraffe,
with your cherry picker neck 
sticking way up in the trees,
yet you are graceful 
when you amble about
on your spindly legs and knobby knees.

You have a long-reaching tongue 
that's purplish-black,
and a tail like a paintbrush
to swish the flies off your back.

Up high you have expressive brown eyes,
so gentle and sweet.
Way down below you have
 four clompy, stompy feet.

Your markings are unique,
unlike any other creature.
Spot and dots--you have lots!
They may be your best feature.

You have the best view around
from your outlook in the sky.
You make me laugh, giraffe!
I think God created you
with a twinkle in his eye.

*   *   *   *   *
On another topic, I'd like to thank Robert Lee Brewer from Writer's Digest for including my poem, "F0ol," as one of his top 21 favorites submitted to his poem-a-day challenge (the 2016 April PAD Challenge). He announced the results on his blog on March 21, 2017. He has already begun the 2017 PAD Challenge, and it's not too late to join in for anyone who wants to be a part of it. The challenge began on April 1st and will continue throughout the month. Each day during April, he will provide a poetry prompt to give his readers some inspiration. Please visit his blog if you would like to join in the fun. 


  1. Anonymous4/03/2017

    Hi Connie, Your poem is precious! Even when we are sitting in Dr.'s waiting rooms, we see/hear about April the Giraffe! I love your photos from the zoo, too. Congrats for being selected in the top 21 poem a day challenge!

  2. Oh I love this Connie and Congrats on your poem being chosen. I'm not surprised since you are so talented.

  3. wow, your poem is so cute! Stompy clompy feet, indeed. i will check out the link and good for you - congratulations on the acceptance!

  4. Love it (and the photos). Congratulations on your poem being highlighted!

  5. Fun poem! Love the idea of clompy, stompy feet.

  6. I like this poem a lot!! I've been checking on April, too!

  7. Hi Connie, I'm so proud of you... Congrats on your poem getting chosen. That is SO special.

    I have certainly heard a lot about April the Giraffe... Apparently there is a HUGE Facebook group following that giraffe.

    Great poem --and very timely...

  8. congrats on your chosen poem - that is very cool.
    This giraffe poem is a gem - it made me laugh from top (way high up) to bottom. Giraffes are groovy fun creatures, that's for sure. You captured them perfectly (in a safe way!)

  9. your giraffe tale reminds me one funny story, when my husband's nephew first visited the zoo, he was scared of every animals. Lastly he got scared from penguin... :) :) :)

  10. Congratulations Connie!! This was fun reading!

  11. Congratulations on your publication, and also this is the cutest poem! Would make a cute childrens' book.

  12. I love giraffes. They also make me laugh. Congrats on your poem being chosen, I love that poem as well as all your poetry. Have a wonderful Easter. Hugs, LJ

  13. Connie, I agree with Linda that this adorable poem would be perfect in a children's book! I also love the wonderful giraffe photos! Congratulations on your poem " Fool!"


  14. Many congratulations on getting your poem chosen.

    I enjoyed this giraffe one and your photo's too.

    All the best Jan

  15. Congratulations, Connie. I'm glad you linked to Fool. I really enjoyed it. And the giraffe poem made me giggle. They are amusing animals.

    Take care, and Happy Easter-time.

  16. LOL Connie. This is really cute! I think kids would like reading it too. And way to go getting your poem picked. Happy Easter Weekend.

  17. Aren't they majestic? :)
    I'm yet to see one in the flesh though.

    1. Hi Lux G.! Thank you for visiting and commenting here.

  18. I saw a cute picture today of April's baby putting his face up to the camera.

  19. First, Connie, congratulations on the selection of your poem. And this Giraffe one was a sweet one and with accompanying photos and/or illustrations would make a fun project for young readers. Have we provided you with enough inspiration?

  20. G'morning, Connie! I watched the birth- I have always been fascinated with giraffs.

  21. Thank you all for the kind words. April the giraffe finally gave birth to her new baby. He's as cute as can be!


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