Tuesday, March 14, 2017



Spring is a fickle trickster.
She tiptoes by,
peeks in the windows,
curls her finger at us,
and tempts us outside
with bouquets of sunny daffodils.
She seduces us 
with trails of purple crocuses 
lifting their bobbing heads
in the warm sun.

Transfixed, we step out 
with smiles wide
to follow her
and soak in her light.

Then she smirks and spins,
and in an instant,
she turns a cold shoulder to us.
She disappears and abandons us
in a whirlwind,
leaving drifts of snow behind
to drape around
the drooping blooms.

Yet, in spite of her rejection,
we wait for her return.


  1. A perfect poem and picture for today's weather across most of the country. We don't have snow but it sure is cold/windy.

  2. I am guessing you were inspired by this latest blast. Hope you melt quickly and more flowers pop up to inspire you outdoors. Spring is around the corner - hang tough!

  3. Nice poem and it is so true. Stay warm my friend.

  4. I'm with you on this Connie, I really thought spring was on its way... I should have known better. I hope the snow doesn't last long, keep warm and surely we'll both see the spring soon... great poem♡♡♡

  5. You've described this year's weather perfectly! I'm covering some things; others just have to survive I guess. You've written this so well!

  6. That describes the past week or two! A record high for February and snow and temps in the teens this week. Hope you are staying warm and snug!

  7. Your flowers look like ours... We are in the midst of 2 days/nights of temps below freezing... Could do lots of damage to our pretty flowers/plants... SAD...... I am SO ready for Spring now (although until now, we never did have MUCH winter).... Oh WELL.... ha


  8. 5 more days to go Connie and then the official start of spring. I loved your picture with your poem although it made me groan inside. :) Great poem as always - you captured the wait perfectly.

  9. Wonderfully descriptive poem about that teasing temptress, Spring. This lifted my spirits, Connie. Thank you.

  10. Yes, we do await her return and we DO hope it will be very soon too!

  11. Nice, we are finally having what would be "winter weather" for us with temps below freezing for two nights in a row

  12. Such good words, and yes ... we do await her return!

    All the best Jan

  13. So true! And this year the weather has been crazy!

  14. I love your writing, you are a wonderful poet.

  15. Your phrasing dances - and i love the photo. We experience the same thing up here but lately it's been consistently warm and beautiful - storms are coming next week but no snow! i love your poems.

  16. Boy! Isn't THAT the truth? Just when everyone was starting to think warm weather was here to stay, Mother Nature had to go and remind us that SHE'S in charge. A "fickle trickster," indeed.

    Great poem, Connie.

  17. And she will return, hopefully soon. What a fun poem.🌷🌷

  18. very beautiful poem... love it..

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