Monday, March 19, 2018

Winter's Final Picnic

Winter's Final Picnic

Winter set a picnic table
with a sparkling cloth of snow.
But one scruffy squirrel
was the only guest to show.

Squirrel brought his own lunch
packed away in his cheek.
He had a big, black walnut, 
dug up by the creek.

Squirrel gnawed on that nut.
He left shreds of shells all around.
He finished his messy meal.
Then he jumped down to the ground.

Spring came along 
and melted Winter's snow.
She tapped Winter on the shoulder
and motioned for him to go.

Winter grumbled a bit.
He coughed out a chilly breeze.
"Don't push me. I'm going," he bellowed.
"But I'll be back later, and I'll bring a hard freeze!"

Spring smiled and waved goodbye.
She said, "Yes, yes, I'm sure you will."
Then she taught the birds to sing again
and kissed a daffodil.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Wishing a happy spring to all of my readers!


  1. Happy Spring with that cheery poem. Off you go winter. I think it left Texas this weekend for sure. Now we have to dodge spring hail - yikes! Look out daffodils and tulips.

  2. THE visuals - especially winter coughing out a chilly breeze and so many other great phrases. Really love this! Good to see a creation by you.

  3. Oh, this is charming! We have signs of spring and it was warm enough today that I sat in the sun without a jacket. But we may get snow tomorrow night and Wednesday. Well, they were wrong last time, so maybe not.

  4. Yes Spring is coming! no matter how much Winter seems to fight it lol great poem

  5. Anonymous3/20/2018

    This poem is adorable, Connie! Happy Spring to you!

  6. Love it. Brought a smile today for me. I know we're all hoping spring will send winter packing. Hope you have a nice week.

  7. Connie, this is a wonderfully descriptive poem!! I love the way you paint pictures with words! It's always fun to read your poems.

  8. AWWWW! I LOVE this poem. Have you ever considered writing a poetry book for children? If you haven't, maybe you should. :)

    Have a super weekend! (SHOO, Winter!)

  9. I love this happy poem! So sweet!

  10. All your poems are lovely but this one will be one of my favs. Loved it how you painted such a picture. Hugs, lj

  11. ahhh....what a delight to read your lovely poem dear Connie!

    what fills my heart with joy is your way of effortlessly writing as i always seems your poems so smooth and cherish .
    Happy spring to you my friend!

  12. This is so sweet and cheerful. I love that squirrel brought his own lunch. Thanks for lifting my spirits, once again.
    Be well, Connie.

  13. Seriously, you should compile these poems into a book. They are so delightful.

  14. What a lovely little poem.


  15. Awww Connie. This is sweet. Love it.

  16. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. My readers always brighten my day.


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