Thursday, April 19, 2018



Some secrets are good and well-intentioned,
like a birthday party--SURPRISE!
Others are more on the shady side,
like when somebody has something to hide.

Some secrets are heavily guarded.
Trouble strikes if they're revealed.
You've been'll regret it,
if those secrets aren't kept sealed.

For example: the government 
likes to keep its secrets under lock and key.
And watch out if you let spill
a woman's age, or weight, or family recipe!

Other secrets are gleefully spread,
especially about those who are famous or rich.
Splashed on the internet in celebrity gossip columns:
rumors or truth? It's hard to guess which.

I know a secret.
Do you want me to tell it to you?
Can you keep it quiet?
Can you? Can you?
You can?
Well, guess what...I can too!


  1. So cute!! I love that surprise ending!

  2. shhhhhhh. Don't tell.
    Excellent poem

  3. You nicely tease with your ending.

    I have decided to consolidate my two blogs (one is more professional) as I can’t see any reason to keep working on them both. In a strange way this feels like I’m coming out of the closet as I haven’t written about my livelihood. Most of my posts from now on will be at

    You’re welcome to stop by.

  4. Yes I can keep a secret if I have to lol Cute poem fun

  5. Very clever! I'm naturally secretive but when someone asks me a direct question, I just blurt out the truth. This can offend people... but why then did they ask?

  6. Anonymous4/20/2018

    This is a delightful poem, Connie. It certainly applies to our current government! I wish you a nice weekend.

  7. Oh Wow, love this one. You got me at the end. lol Awesome job Connie.

  8. Nice twist at the end, Connie, and a geeat way to end the poem. You are right about secrets being kept for so many reasons, some good but more than not harmful if revealed.

  9. I love the ending and always fun to see another poem by you.

  10. Connie, I loved this poem, it is true and cute... you put a smile on my face xox

    I have missed you while I was away, I am glad I finally sat down to write and that I am working on getting caught up with everyone... it will take time for sure xox.... I hope you and your family are doing well xox

  11. Secrets no matter how big or small don't go any further than me, because I can't remember them. LOL

  12. oh dear Connie this poem you told so brilliantly!
    'all kinds of secrets you shared with peculiarity and remarkably

    i smiled on the last clever end:)

  13. I like this!! Some secrets are meant to hold onto, and some I've learned must be shared in order to heal.

  14. Thank you for your comments, everyone!

  15. Shucks, I thought I was getting a secret!... Cute poem. Hugs, lj

  16. I love this poem. What a great theme to write about.


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