Thursday, April 26, 2018



Finish the grid to exercise your brain.
It's a fun diversion 
when you're cooped up by rain.
Write each number in every line,
by row and column, every number, 
from one to nine.
Fill every block, each three by three.
No repeats  - check and see.
Each grid, like each line, 
must contain all nine.
No math is needed, but...
rules of logic must be heeded. 
Have some fun, 
spend a little time.
Then, to be like me, 
turn the subject 
into a rhyme.

 Learn about Sudoku.


  1. Cute rhyme. Thanks for explaining the rules.

  2. Anonymous4/27/2018

    Hi Connie, A very cute poem. I think many of us are looking for rainy-day hobbies! I wish you a nice weekend.

  3. Greetings. I enjoyed reading your well-written poetic-piece. Well done. You did well expressing Sudoko within your poem. Blessings to you.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

  4. Oh I love this Connie. Being cooped up so long we need something to distract us. You always amaze me.

  5. cute poem but tough challenge. My hubby can do Sudoku in pen. I'm erasing and giving up..!

  6. This is so tempting. I love how distracting the puzzle is from my reading the poem, and vice versa. A doubly fun post, Connie.
    Happy Friday and weekend.

  7. Wow---I love puzzles --but have never done one like this... It would be a great 'rainy day' distraction... Thanks ---I think!!!!!!!

    Cute poem.....

  8. This is a great posting, but I have never done this type puzzle. It would be a good thing to do on rainy day when I have lots of time.

  9. What a coincidence! Just this past week I pulled a Sudoku book of puzzles from the shelf to try to learn how to work them. So far I'm still dumb about it. I'll check out your tips and see where I go. (Not that I need anything to do on a rainy day ;) And, I agree with Susie, you amaze me!

  10. I always wondered how to play this. And so poetically done. Hugs, LJ

  11. I have never been able to do Sudoku puzzles! I looked at it, was lost lol I do love Words with Friends, on rainy or sunny days lol

  12. Fun poem. I'm a fan of the more difficult Sudoku puzzles. Good exercise for the brain. :)

  13. how sweet and lovely dear Connie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    putting daily chores and fun into rhyme is not easy for everyone
    you are so blessed with talent my dear friend!!!

    i often sat with my kids and solve the puzzles
    yes it is great fun and mental exercise when it is hard to go outside

  14. That is about the most I could do with Soduko, make a rhyme about it! I do letters well, not numbers. LOL

  15. My husband LOVES Soduko! I, on the other hand, prefer simple crossword puzzles or logics. Nice poetry!

  16. After reading this poem, Connie, I wondered whether or not you were a Sudoku fan. I admit to not being able to work my way through even a single puzzle, but enjoy crossword puzzles so much more.

  17. I'm literally awful at this game, I've never been able to do them lol!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  18. Thank you all. I have fun with these puzzles.


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