Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

I wonder why it is that:

Roger has to sneeze;
Grandpa starts to wheeze;
Mary closes her eyes;
The baby screams and cries;
Jillian makes a face
at Francine (who stole her space!);
Mom's upset 
because her hair is mussed;
while Aunt Sally 
has primped and fussed;
and Randy and Ryan squabble
over who sits in the chair with a wobble...

Just as the photographer says,

"Now everyone look at me, please."
"Smile pretty and say, 'Cheese!'"
"One, two, three..."


And then there we are, in all our glory,
one small piece of our family's story.
Preserved so future generations can see
just how many nuts are in the family tree.


  1. Anonymous5/23/2018

    Very cute and oh, so true with most family photos. We have a family picture from when I was a baby, Karen 7 and Larry 9. My mom looked like she could bite nails into - it must have been a HARD day! lol

  2. Greetings Connie. I enjoyed reading your poetic-piece expressing your family, well done. A nice structure with good rhymes. Blessings to you. Love love, Andrew.

  3. Oh I enjoyed reading this so much and it's so true in some families like mine. I absolutely love your talent.

  4. serious chuckle on this one. So true. I wonder how long the royal family had to pose for the current wedding pics - or airbrushed perfection occurred. You have such a nice sense of humor and capture it well in a poem. Good job!

  5. Oh, this poem is absolutely priceless! Love it. My bet is a lot of people can relate.

  6. I LOVED it!! I agree with Andrew ~ your poems are so easy to read because of their good structure.

  7. Anonymous5/24/2018

    Enjoyed reading your words about your family:)

  8. This sounds like my family lol. Great poem to capture family life

  9. haha, this is SO good and SO true! I love seeing family photos that anyone posts because there is always THAT one - or two or...others who just won't get with the program.

  10. LOL, that's about right! I once had a weekend job taking pictures at Sears and getting the kids to pose could be a real challenge.

  11. This is hilariously true, Connie. There's always at least one person who looks "off." So another photo is taken, and it's another person who looks "off." And so on. Very fun, and you ended it with the perfect line.
    Have a great week.

  12. PS Connie, when you get a chance, would you kindly email me at I can't find your email address. Have something fun to check in with you about. Thank you.

  13. what an absolutely interesting family portrait dear Connie!

    you portray the whole process so brilliantly and amazingly

    as this is everyday happening even here
    whenever i try to take shot my both sons seem hard to stay in frame with right pause :)

  14. I too agree that this poem was a perfect representation of a family photo session, Connie. And, it doesn't matter whose family members are named here if anyone's because it's a universal theme.

  15. So true, but very funny!

    These days I'm mostly blogging here:

  16. Love your poem. The ending fits my family, lol... Hugs, lj

  17. Connie, You really zoomed in on all of the emotions of having a family portrait taken! This really hits home and your last line sums it up beautifully! A fun family classic!


  18. Yes I love family pictures, and you described it perfectly. Moms hair is mussed, baby screaming is so perfect poem

  19. Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad so many could relate to this one.


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